"Economy" Set of Techeiles Chabura - תכלת חבורה

Exclusive from Techeiles Chabura!

"Economy" Techeiles strings are shorter than regular sets. They should be wrapped tightly for best results. Otherwise they are the same as regular Techeiles Chabura strings.

This is for a set conforming to שיטת הראב"ד - which means that each corner has 1 full string of Techeiles and 3 white strings. When tied, it appears as 2 out of 8 תכלת strings.
Not available in "Thick" or "Niputz Lishma" variants.

These sets of Tzitzis have been produced under the strict supervision of trained בני תורה יראי שמים.
The תכלת was dyed לשמה with all the הידורים.

  • Includes full set of לבן and תכלת strings for one pair of ציצית.
  • לשונות - ללא חשש ״פורגן״
  • All the strings are under the supervision of בד״ץ עדה החרדית in ירושלים.
  • The תכלת is dyed from חלזון הפורפורא (Murex Trunculus)
  • The dyeing and שזירה is produced by חבורת בני תורה.

Note: Since תכלת is a natural product, there may be slight color variances in the product you receive.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Price: $39.99